Major Events of 1983
US deploys Pershing Missiles; USSR backs out of talks
Korean airliner shot down
Northern Chad seized by Libyans and Rebels
US peacekeepers killed in Lebanon
US invades Grenada
NBA: Philadelphia 76ers vs. LA Lakers Series: 4-2
NCAA Football: Miami-Fl Record: 11-1-0 Heisman Trophy: Mike Rozier, Nebraska, RB points: 1,801
Stanley Cup: New York Islanders vs. Edmunton Oilers Series: 4-0
Super Bowl XVII: Washington Redskins vs. Miami Dolphins Score: 27-17 US Open Golf:Larry Nelson Score: 280 Course: Oakmont CC Location: Oakmont, PA World Cup Soccer: Italy vs. West Germany Score: 3-1
World Series:Baltimore Orioles vs. Philadelphia Phillies Series: 4-1

Popular Music of 1983
1. "Down Under" ... Men at Work
2. "Africa" ... Toto
3. "Baby, Come to Me" ... Patti Austin & James Ingram
4. "Billie Jean" ... Michael Jackson
5. "Come on Eileen" ... Dexys Midnight Runners
6. "Beat It" ... Michael Jackson
7. "Let's Dance" ... David Bowie
8. "Flashdance...What a Feeling" ... Irene Cara
9. "Every Breath You Take" ... The Police
10. "Sweet Dreams" ... Eurythmics

Popular Movies
1. Best Friends
2. The Big Chill
3. Blue Thunder
4. The Dark Crystal
5. 48 Hours
6. Flashdance
7. Gandhi
8. High Road To China
9. Jaws 3-D
10. Mr. Mom

Most Popular Books
1. "The Return of the Jedi Storybook" by Joan Vinge
2. "Poland" by James Michener
3. "Pet Sematary" by Stephen King
4. "The Little Drummer Girl" by John le Carre
5. "Christine" by Stephen King

1. "In Search of Excellence" by Tom Peters
2. "Megatrends" by John Naisbitt
3. "Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession"
by Emna Bombeck
4. "The One-Minute Manager" by Kenneth Blanchard
5. "Jane Fonda's Workout Book" by Jane Fonda

Most Popular Television Shows

1. Dallas (CBS)
2. 60 Minutes (CBS)
3. Dynasty (ABC)
4. The A-Team (NBC)
5. Simon & Simon (CBS)
6. Magnum, P.I. (CBS)
7. Falcon Crest (CBS)
8. Kate & Allie (CBS)
9. Hotel (ABC)
10. Cagney & Lacey (CBS)

Academy Awards
Best Picture: "Terms of Endearment"
Best Director:James L. Brooks ... "Terms of Endearment"
Best Actor: Ben Kingsley ... Robert Duvall ... "Tender Mercies"
Best Actress:Shirley MacLaine ... "Terms of Endearment"

Grammy Awards
Record of the Year: "Beat it" ... Michael Jackson
Song of the Year: "Every Breath You Take" ... Sting
Best Album: "Thriller" ... Michael Jackson
Male Vocalist: Michael Jackson ... "Thriller"
Female Vocalist: Melissa Manchester... Irene Cara ... "Flashdance ...
What a Feeling"

Nobel Prizes

TAUBE, HENRY, U.S.A., Stanford University, Stanford, CA, b. 1915 (in
Saskatoon, Canada):

"for his work on the mechanisms of electron transfer reactions, especially
in metal complexes"

GOLDING, Sir WILLIAM, Great Britain, b. 1911, d. 1993:

"for his novels which, with the perspicuity of realistic narrative art and
the diversity and universality of myth, illuminate the human condition in
the world of today"

WALESA, LECH, Poland, b. 1943: Founder of Solidarity, campaigner for human rights.
Physiology or Medicine

McCLINTOCK, BARBARA, U.S.A., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring
Harbor, NY, b. 1902, d. 1992:

"for her discovery of mobile genetic elements"

The prize was awarded by one half to:

CHANDRASEKHAR, SUBRAMANYAN, U.S.A., University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, b.1910 (in Lahore, India), d. 1995:

"for his theoretical studies of the physical processes of importance to the
structure and evolution of the stars"

and by the other half to:

FOWLER, WILLIAM A., U.S.A., California Institute of Technology, Pasadena,
CA, b. 1911, d. 1995:

"for his theoretical and experimental studies of the nuclear reactions of
importance in the formation of the chemical elements in the universe"
Pulitzer Prizes
Drama: Marsha Norman ... " 'night Mother"
Fiction:Alice Walker ... "The Color Purple"
History:Rhys L. Issac ... "The Transformation of Virginia, 1740-1790"
International Reporting: Thomas L. Friedman ... "New York Times" & Loren Jenkins ... "Washington Post"
National Reporting: Staff ... "Boston Globe"
Public Service:
"Jackson (MS) Carion-Ledger"

Tony Awards
Best Play: "Torch Song Triology" ... Harvey Fierstein
Best Musical: "Cats
"Best Actor in a play: Harvey Fierstein ... "Torch Song Trilogy"
Best Actress in a play:Jessica Tandy ... "Foxfire"
Best Actor in a musical: Tommy Tune ... "My One and Only"
Best Actress in a musical:Natalia Makarova ... "On Your Toes"

Cabbage Patch kids released.

Ronald Regan introduces American public to "Star Wars."

AIDS is seen as a "gay only" disease. Most threatening STD is herpes.

Karen Carpenter dies of anorexia at the age of 32.

Final episode of M*A*S*H airs, advertising cost more than that of advertising for Super Bowl.

Sally Ride becomes first woman in space.

Compact discs first hit the market.

Australia wins American Cup for first time in 132 years.

Fake Hitler diaries surface.

According to People Magazine...Most Intriguing People of 1983: Debra Winger, Mr. T, Joan Rivers, Matthew Broderick, Michael Jackson, and Jennifer Beals.

U.S. Embassy is bombed in Beirut, killing 40 people.

Camcorders introduced.

Dennis Wilson of Beach Boys dies of drowning accident Dec 28th, 1983.

Soviets shoot down South Korean airliner with 269 people on board claiming it was a U.S. spy plane.

Dr. Martin Luther King Day is created as a national holiday.

Paul Simon marries Carrie Fisher.

Wacky Wallwalker, a little rubber octopus like creature with sticky tentacles that walks down walls, is invented and sells millions.

Friendship pins, Jelly shoes, Ray-Ban Wayfarers and parachute pants are some of the many fashion statements of the year.

The very first Hooters restaurant opens in Atlanta, GA.

Ocean Spray introduces the very first "juice box" to America.

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