J. Geils Band


I could see it was a rough-cut Tuesday

Slow-motion weekdays stare me down

Her lipstick reflex got me wound

There were no defects to be found

Snapshot image froze without a sound

Thursday morning was a hot flash-factor

Her face still focused in my mind

Test-strip proof-sheet love is hard to find

Friday night we'll dance the spotlight grind

Stop-time heart for me if she's not mine



Freeze-Frame! (Freeze-Frame!)

Freeze-Frame! (Freeze-Frame!)

Freeze-Frame! (Freeze-Frame!)

Freeze-Frame! Now Freeze!


Now I'm lookin' at a flashback Sunday

Zoom lens feelings just won't disappear

Close-up darkroom sweet-talk in my ear

Her hot-spot love for me is strong

This freeze-frame moment can't be wrong