Favorite Pix
New pictures added April 14, 2009

November 17, 2007: The Junior League of Northern Virginia's The Enchanted Forest

Photos of Briar taken June 2007 in the Japanese Gardens by Christa Johnson of Christa's Lens

On my birthday November 2006 at the Junior League Gala

Briar's First Year

St Patrick's Day 2007 -- Gotta love the scowl!

Briar in her Easter Dress and the
pop-art portrait I had made of her from it.

Gorgeous Bee
Our little Mini Ramswell!

Bond- Tony Bond

Briar dressed up to meet Santa for the first time

Left: Briar and Tony in Daytona Beach, Briar playing in the front yard, and Briar in her swing

Wedding reception January 8, 2005

Christmas Party 2004

Bridal Portrait November 2005

Don't mess with Texas!

You get 'em Scout!

Tony and Boo 2003


BTA: Texas State Champions 2002

cory, preb, carrie, heather, erin|
At the Marquis for Cory's and my b-day 1998
mark, prebs, billy boy, tj
New Orleans 2002
Rice Swim Team, in Salt lake
The Rice Varsity Swim Team in Utah - 1997

My Dad


Playing with my new webcam...

Left: Me and Mom on Graduation Day 1998


Baby Ferdinand :-)

Sleepy Ferdy!

Halloween at "the White House" with Monica, Genoa and Christy; Halloween 1995 at The University of Texas

I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt
(So I'll wear my cool boa instead!)

Me and Dani at the French Market,
New Orleans 2000