Where Are They Now?

Updated July 18, 2010

Where Are They Now???

So.... A little thing called Facebook arrived on the scene and pretty much made this page obsolete. As such, I am no longer updating this page, but will keep it as is- a sort of time capsule for where everyone was pre-facebook. Come join us--- we have a lot of fun and know you will, too.

These are the people with whom I have been able to keep in touch.

Let me know if you know of someone's whereabouts or if you have info! I want to make sure everyone is included with current and correct information, but I can't do that if you don't e-mail me and let me know what is going on!

Robert E. Lee High School (Class of 1990 unless otherwise noted)
(Can you believe our school's fate??? Lee was phased into an alternative school, and has dropped all athletics except a few. Most formerly zoned Lee students now attend the new Westside High.)

Lisa Anderson Stewart : Married and living in Houston with her two beautiful daughters.

Eric Appel : He and his wife Sharon have a bouncing baby boy. Eric continues to work as a broker at Prudential Securities in downtown Houston.

Jessica Atherton Wilson (Class of '92): Married and living in Houston with her new little girl!

Prudence Becker Allwein : An arist living in Houston with her husband, Robert, and two daughters. Recently began working with her mother at Many Monkeys Later, an online boutique selling elegant handcrafted goods. She also designed one of the cows for the Houston Cow Parade.

Prudence's Cow

Wiley Bennett : Married and living in Houston.. still a huge UT fan!

Whitley Bolls : Married and living in Houston.

Tracy Bonner (class of 1992): After coaching at the University of North Texas following her successful diving career, Tracy is now in Las Vegas and dives in the "O" Cirque Du Soleil show.

Andrea Boone : Living with her 7 year old son Justin in Burnet, Texas.

Dawn Brooks Parry (Class of 1989): Is living in Keller, TX (Ft Worth Area). She has been married for almost 12 years to Daniel Parry who graduated from Plano senior high in 1986. They have 3 girls (Hannah 8, Rachel 7, and Sarah 4). She is a stay at home Mom and loves it!

Gerald "Jerry" Burke : Living in Houston and looking to get into nursing school.. a longtime dream of his!

Steve Burell (class of 1988): Living in Houston and working as a real estate agent. Actually surprised me by calling me when I was on the air at Mix 96.5 one night!

Christina Butera : Living with her 12 year old daughter in Houston where she teaches 5th grade at St. Anne Catholic School. Christina is also working towards her masters of private school administration at St. Thomas University.

Joanna Butler Hurley: (Class of '88) Married and living in San Antonio after living in Los Angeles.

Chris Chadwick : Sadly, Chris passed away in 1991 from a heart attack.

Christa Copeland Johnson: After working as a speech pathologist, Christa decided to follow her love of photography by opening up her own photography business called Christa's Lens. Married on the beach in Sanibel Island, Florida in 2004, she and her husband welcomed Tyler Eric in the summer of 2005 and Ashley Jo in summer 2007!

Christa's family, August 2005

Mark Davis : Is married and now living in Katy after spending three years in Phoenix.

David DeWalch : Married and living in Tyler, TX; was Michael Spalding's best man (see picture located under Seth Hall).

Jessica Dolezal Campbell : Jessica and her husband and daughter made a big move to Kuwait, where her husband works as an engineer.

Elizabeth Epler : Living and working in Houston (something with taxes!)

Mark Fain : Followed his love of guitar and singing to find fame in the bands Chlorine and Blacklist Union, among others. Chlorine's first video Way Out premiered in 2000 on MTV's 120 minutes. Mark is now working with a new band on a release in 2007 and is enjoying composing for TV, radio and film. Mark is married with two children, Ian and Gavin.
Mark performing with his former band Chlorine

Sabrina Farinola (Burt): Married and living in Houston. Busy being the "mom on the go" with her three sons who are busy with t-ball, swimming and soccer. Moved here from St Croix, Virgin Islands - how cool is that???

Davin Fillpot : Is an architect in Austin, Texas. He and his wife, Camie, moved to Austin after living in Boston for couple of years. In September 2005, they welcomed their first child, Mia Paige.

Mia Paige Fillpot

Sondra Freeman : Made a big move to London, England... more info to come!

Cathy Gardner : Married a fellow Lee grad (Greg Watson class of 1989) and has one child!

Kristi Garrett : A teacher living in the Houston area.

Jorge Garza : Married with three children : Sarah (8) Jacob (5) and Kathryn(4). Is currently an assistant baseball coach at The University of Houston. Before that he was the Head Baseball Coach at Lamar High School for 7 years.

Melissa Garza : Currently working full time as a graphic designer for the United Way in Houston, and was married in February 2002 to a fellow graphic designer. She is also an artist, and her side business is making art cards that are sold in stationery boutiques all over the country.

Todd Glazer : Married and living in Houston where he just welcomed his first child, a little girl.

Lisa Grantham : Is a physical therapist living in LA.

Richard Grayum (class of '89): Married and living in Austin where he works as a civil engineer.

Ellen Green Dolan : Is an actress living in Austin. Ellen is married with a little girl.

Petra Nesensohn, Joanna Nalley, and Ellen Green at the LHS 15 year reunion.

Matt Greer : Married his sweetheart from Lee, Emily Robison (class of 1991), and currently living in Austin.

Alan Habash : Married to Barbi whom he met at A&M. They have a son whose favorite thing is his goat "Billie."

Seth Hall : Seth and his wife moved to Newport Beach, California in 2005. He is still in the aviation business. They're close to the Pacific so they're able to go sailing on a regular basis. No kids yet, but Seth says that's on the horizon!

Seth Hall, Chris Gibson and David Dewalch at the the 15 year LHS reunion.

Jeff Halper (class of 1992): Married to Jennifer and had their first baby in the spring of 2003. Happily living in Houston and running his own landscaping company.

Michele Halper (Berrigan) (class of 1988): Married to Ryan Berrigan aka Chase, a well-known DJ. Moved back to Houston in December 2002, where her husband Ryan was one-half of the Mix 96.5 morning Ryan and Roula show team after stints in New York and Los Angeles. Daughter, Faith, is three.

Christiana Hatteburg : Living in Bellaire with her three children. Her oldest child, Stephan, just graduated high school.

Jennifer Healy Wood: Married and living in Austin after earning her Masters in Architecture. Designs Septic Systems for the City of Austin. Has two adorable little boys.

Jennifer Henry (Class of '92): Graduated from the University of Texas and is now living in Houston.

Leon Hooten : Is a Captain in the US Army, just back from a year in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division and on leave for a month. Still at Ft Campbell, KY, though it looks like he'll be moving to San Bernandino, CA, this summer for grad school. He's especially proud of his 3 year old son, Henry, and enjoys playing guitar in a local band.

Trey Hugley : Married his Texas A&M sweetheart, Tricia, and has 3 kids: 12 y/o twins Kyle & Kahle, and Dylan. The family is living in Rowlett, TX and Trey owns his own company, Genesis Resources.

Jason Humphrey : Lives in Aurora, Illinois, but works in downtown Chicago for Unilock. Been married to wife, Colleen, since November, 1995 and has two daughters - Lauren 5, Carolyn 2.

Jaret Johnston : successful artist living in Colorado.

Pat Jones: Married and living in Austin after a stint in Tokyo. He works for Seth Hall's company.

Kathleen Juhl : Living in Houston and works in Risk Management at John L. Wortham & Son. Still living life to fullest and helping me update the site!

Carol Kahil : Living in Houston and working as a teacher, recently for Houston Christian High School.

Leigh Ann Klaus McGehee : Is married and living in Los Angeles. She is expecting their first child any day!

Tiffany Kramr Gehlbach : Lives in Cypress, Texas and has 2 boys, Bryce and Blake. Met her husband in college. Brian is a gas trader for Center Point Energy. Tiffany worked for Dillards right after college as a buyer for jewelry and then got out of the retail industry. She now works for Trikes Wallovering selling commercial wallcovering, and has been there for 13 years.

Adrienne Kurtz (Class of '92): Living in Houston and working for MT Custom Homes.

Katie Langley (Parrish): Living in Houston with husband, Matt (class of '91). Katie and Matt welcomed their first child in February 2006, daughter Langley Jane Parrish. Katie is thrilled to be a stay-at-home mom!

Ginger Laraia (Pierce) (class of 1989): Taught school with Kristin White's mom at Cy-Fair High School in Houston before moving to Austin. She is married with two daughters and now teaches in that area.

Chausey Leebron (class of '88): Lives and works in Austin as a caseworker with Foundation Communities helping Katrina evacuees. Chausey was also the 2005 Counseling Psychology Student of the Year at the University of Santa Monica.

Chausey with Katrina evacuees and (right) with other caseworkers in Austin.

Tom Lehman : Living in Houston, former owner of The Confederate House restaurant and bar.

Scott Leisk : married with 3 year old daughter, living in San Antonio as an independent movie producer.

Elizabeth Look Biar (Class of '91): Married and living in Houston with her adorable little girl.

Bobby Lowe : Since the reunion, he has moved to NY with his wife, Svetlana, whom he married in Nov 2000. He met his "wonderful wife while living in Moscow." He is running the NY office of a Russian Investment Bank..

Weldon Lucas : Living in Corpus Christi after living in Houston and Brazil for three years.

Tim Martin : Joined the Navy and now is Commander of a submarine in Tokyo, Japan.

Michael Mayes : Cost engineer/clerk working for Fluor in Sugarland, TX. Spent several years living in Saudi Arabia and Louisiana before heading back to TX.

Michael Mayes

Prebble McLaughlin (Ramswell): I'm married to Londoner Tony Ramswell and am now living in Northern Virginia just outside of DC. I had my first child, daughter Briar, in December 2005. I am really active with the Junior League and am enjoying spending time with Briar.

Me and Tony in November 2006 at the Junior League Gala, and Briar photographed by Christa Copeland in June 2006.

Darby McLean (Suman): Living in Houston with her husband, a graduate of St. Johns.

Manny Medina : Boy, has he changed! Still tall, but filled out some... looks like a football player! Is now a fourth grade teacher out East.

Dina Mercaldi : Was in Houston working as a Business Development Manager but made a move back to New York City last summer!

Dina Mercaldi

David Meyer : Currently living in Houston and working as a network administrator. Recently noved back after living in Waco and Austin where he worked in radio both as a producer and on-air for KWTX-Waco and KHFI/KZPS in Austin.

Shawna Mohney (class of 1992): Finishing up her residency in Psychiatry at UT San Antonio. She is married and had her first child, a son, in 2004!

Chris Mozyrsky (class of 1992): Returned to Houston after attending college and law school at Tulane and UT. Currently practicing commercial law with a large Houston firm.

Petra Nesensohn : Living and working in sunny southern California. Was in Northern Virginia and Maryland for most of 2006 before returning to CA.

Laura Pace (Day): Sold her store after she had her second daughter, Carolyne in June 2001. Enjoying being a mom to Kylie, 10 years and Carolyne, 5.

Merritt Pappas Walker : Married and living in Houston. Hosted the Hermann Park Urban Green Winter Cocktail Soiree.

Joanna Patton : Living in Amarillo with with her husband and 3 year old child.

Cindy Norman Pelletier : attended Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas. Married and moved to New Hampshire

Ingrid Penarrieta (Class of '89): Became a Civil Engineer with an MBA from UH. She married a Bolivian and has been living in La Paz, Bolivia for the past 10 years. She has two boys, 5 and 1 year old. She chose to be-a stay-at-home mom.

Paola Penarrieta (Class of '88): Is an accountant with an MBA from UH. She works for Ernst and Young and was transferred to Santiago, Chile about 10 years ago. She is married (Chilean) and has a 2 month-old baby girl.

Claudia Penarrieta : Is a Mechanichal Engineer from UH who has worked with GE in Houston for the past 7 years. She just started a new job in January '07 with a small company in Seattle and is moving there permanently. She is married and has a 6 year old boy.

Cecilia Penarrieta (Class of '91) : Is a Civil Engineer with a masters in Environmental Engineering from Colorado University at Boulder. She has been living in Bolivia for the past 7 years working for the government.

Frances Pereira (class of '89): Married and living in Colorado where she works in computers.

Jason Pickett : Married and living in Arlington, TX

Fleming Puckett : Has been in England where he attended Cambridge after tme at UVA. He served as President of the Intnt'l Wine Society.

Tom Richardson (Class of 1992): Married his high school sweetheart, Laura Griffin (1992), and moved back to Houston in 1998. They are currently living in Bellaire.

Leslie Rieke (Jackson) : Married five years to Jack, living in Houston working at a law firm. Has a beautiful baby!

Chip Rives : Following his dreams of working in sports by working for ESPN in New York. He and wife Reagan (nee Lucas) had daughter Anne Elizabeth (Annie) in Houston in November 2003.

Donnie Roark : Is an associate attorney with Vincent and Elkins focusing on business and international matters. He lives in New York.

Shannon Rosette : Currently living in Houston and is in operations at Vic and Anthony's Steakhouse downtown. Still a wild one.... now he's 6'9"!

Scott Rovello : Living in California, enjoying life :-)

Lainie Sauer Coco (class of 1989) : Layne is a stay at home mom/wife. with 3 daughters. She is enjoying being home and loves to spend time with the kids.

Layne's Girls

Royce Sharp: after briefly attending Lee he headed to the Peddie School and the University of Michigan where he continued swimming and made his Olympic debut at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. He got married in May 2004 at his parent's river house outside of Houston.

Royce in a team photo.

Michael Spalding : Married and living in Houston working as an attorney.

Stephanie Stampp Weber : Stephanie passed away on 8/14/2008 after a long and brave battle with brain cancer. She is survived by her husband, David, and their nine -year old twins Chase and Clare who are living in Coppell, TX. Her story can be found Caring Bridge.

Steph and her beautiful family in 2006

Lauren Stewart Shinall : Lauren and her husband moved back to Houston and have two beautiful little girls.

Ari Susman : Moved back to Houston in 2000 and owns his own company with offices in Houston and Dallas.

Dirk Sylvester : Dirk is the I.S. Manager for Antiqueland after graduating from SMU with a B.S. in Engineering Management/MIS and
Mathematics. In the fall of 1997 Dirk settled in Austin after spending time skiing in Colorado and racing sailboats in Hawaii. After pursuing the dot com marketplace in the mid to late ‘90s, he signed on full time with AntiqueLand USA in November of 1998.

Carter Thompson : Working for the DA's office in Austin this summer and finishing law school.

Sarah Thompson : Living and working in Maryland for the Supreme Court providing therapy to juvenille delinquents.

Sarah Thompson

Robert Tipps : Married wife Amanda in 1999 and now has 2 children – Meghan (almost 5) and Drew (1 ½). They are living out in the country on a 400 acre ranch just outside La Grange, TX. Robert is self employed and owns a small Telcom Business selling large enterprise companies their voice and data services.

Robert's wife Amanda with their children Meghan and Drew.

Kim Turet Hock : Married and living in Houston.. has a handsome little boy named Colson.

Chris Van Cleave : Married and living in Dallas. He is a production supervisor for a company that makes computer chips.

Jim Van Cleave : Working in pharmaceutical sales here in Houston. Has been married for almost 10 years to Dianne and they have a son, Chance Sterling.

Robin Weikerth (Hornback): Married to Ronald and has a son. Moved back to Texas after living in Alabama and is teacher.

John White (Class of 1991): Doing well and continuing to live in LA and work as an actor after graduating from Pepperdine. He is billed as John Patrick White, and you may have seen him such TV shows as "Party of Five," "Nash Bridges" and "Touched by an Angel," or movies like "Can't Hardly Wait," Galaxy Quest," and "Tomcats." Here he is in a still frame as Chris Cowan in
Bloodfist VIII: Hard Way Out (1996):

John in Bloodfist VIII

Kristin White (Janger) (class of 1989): Graduated from the University of Miami and then completed her MBA from George Mason University. Got married to Jay ((her college sweetheart) in 1996, and had her first child, Brian, in 2002. Brian was joined by little sister Megan Ruth on September 6, 2005. They live in Vienna, VA, just outside of Washington, DC where she works as a Marketing Manager for ATS, Inc and is active in the Junior League.

Holly Witter : Living in Houston and working as a teacher.

Tiffany Witter (Schulse): Lives in Houston. Works for Hines as property manager.

Heather Wood (Johnson): Married with a son, Jack, born in April 2005! Moved to Connecticut in April 2006 after living in Houston and Shanghai, China!

Heather and her son, Jack. Photo courtesy of Christa's Lens.

Leigh Wright Lowrance : Married to Brian with two boys 4 and 7 and living in Fort Worth, Texas. Leigh graduated form the University of Houston and is a stay at home mom.

Rachel Zieniuk (Thompson) (class of 1988): Living in Houston and working in real estate for Senterra. Is excited about buying a new townhouse this year.

John Zike : After attending UT, stayed in the Austin area and has been working at Dell for the past 10 years.

Sharpstown Middle School /Neighborhoods of Sharpstown and Bellaire
Brandon Abel : Living in Houston where he married his longtime girlfriend in 2002. He is working in construction.

Matt Alexander : Attended Texas Tech (1 year w/Mandy Fowler and her husband) and Houston Baptist (class of '98) before working for the Houston Rockets, Astros, UH and HBU in sports media relations positions, Southeastern Louisiana University as Asst. SID, and Texas Lottery Commission in Austin. Is married to Jennifer McCollum (SHS '89, UT, 97) and has two kids – Jackson, 3 on and a newbie son due on June 6. Matt is now a SAHD loving every second of every day.

Lisa Baskin (now Lisa Venice Harris): married to Patrick, had first child Cole Padraig in February 2001, and is living in Portland, OR. They ran in a marathon on December 14th 2004 in memory of Patrick's mother who died of leukemia in 2002. Lisa is the manager of a highly successful retaurant/gallery named Bold Sky Cafe in Portland.

Mike Biles : Moved back to Austin in 1998 (from Los Angeles) where he works as an attorney. Mike is married and has three little girls.

Mike's three girls

Dorea Bratcher : was living in Austin and working as an artist for I Love You baby - Negative Space.

Cathryn Caplovitz : Happily married and living in Houston. She and her husband love their new house- an old house in Bellaire they completely remodeled. Cathryn is also in law school.

Maria Coggins : Living in Houston and working at my godmother's kennel, Fondren Five Star! Small world!

Mark Compton : received his B.A. from the Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin. He has an M.A. in literature from the University of Houston and began teaching at St. Thomas at the beginning of the 2001-2002 school year.

Bill Davis : Living and working in Houston.

Kathy Davis Warwas : Married to Brian and living in Houston with their three children.

Lori Detenbeck Fox : Married and lives in Clear Lake. She also went to A&M and then University of Houston for graduate school.

Jennifer Duncan : Successful mountain-biker living in the DC area.

Allison Fast : Married and lives in Austin. She went to A&M.!

Leah Fogt Thelan : Married and living in Louisian with her adorable little boy.

Mandy Fowler : Married with several children and living in Bellaire. Her husband, Ronnie Caress, is also a graduate of Sharpstown High School. Mandy went to Texas Tech University.

Raymond Gayle : Married and living in Houston where he is the owner of a film production compnay, electricpurgatory.com

Carrie Gomez : Living in Crosby and working as an office manager.

Ellen Gregory (Harris) : Married and living in Houston where she works for Dow.

Emileen Helal : Decided to uproot and move to Woodland Hills outside Los Angeles, CA, where she is a teacher.

Ramzey Helal : Married and working as a dentist in Sugarland.

Salman Helal : Married with two children, Isabel and Gabriel.

Spring Herbage : Moved to NYC after high school and is now finishing a degree in Rehabilitation Psychology at the University of Wisconsin School of Education. Her area of expertise is juvenile delinquents. Spring is also doing some artwork here and there.

Brekka Hervey Larrew : Married to David Larrew (architect) & just moved to Nashville, TN. She taught HISD for 12 years including 4 years at Sharpstown Middle School and seven years at TH Rogers School. She will now be a stay-at-home mom and will try to pursue writing in her "spare time." They have two kids (Ryan, born 5/2003, and Laurel, born 10/2005), and Brekka has written two teen cookbooks that will be published by Capstone Press in the spring of 2008.

Tiffiny Jackson : Married and still friends with Melissa Murphy and Monica Thornton.

Tom Kennedy : Tom graduated from Houston Baptist University in 1994 with a double major in biology and psychology. Modern times find him working as the Senior Chemist for Ideal Specialty Gas and Analytical Service in Houston. He lives in Spring, TX and has an 8 year old daughter. Tom also sidelines as a paranormal investigator for Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations. They investigate claims of hauntings and other paranormal phenomena.

Erika Kusjanovic : Is single and working in the insurance field in Houston where she roots for the Houston Aeros.

Vuthy Kuon : An artist who has published several books, one with Brekka Hervey Larrew

Renee Levesque : Married to Jack McDaniel and living in Houston with their three children.

Michael Mayes : Cost engineer/clerk working for Fluor in Sugarland, TX. Spent several years living in Saudi Arabia and Louisiana before heading back to TX.


Kim McFayden Broadway : Married with children and living in Houston.

Mike McGinn : Married to Shannon and living in Houston. Still a Kramer fan and sports nut !

Mike and Shannon

Dubravka Milas : Is a family practice doctor in Arizona and is married with at least one child.

Melissa Murphy : Married and lives in Dallas with her husband. She went to A&M for her college and master's degrees. Melissa reported that Monica Thorton and Tiffiny Jackson are married.

Barclay Nicholson : Living in Houston and working as an attorney with Fulbright and Jaworski.

Valerie Nill : Married and living in Connecticut with their children.

Angela Onwuachi (Willig): Now living in Sacramento, California and is a law professor at the University of California-Davis. Been living everywhere--Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, and California. She is now married with 2 children (5 and 2).

James Onwuachi : Living in Nashville, Tennessee, where he's the Associate Director of Admissions at Vanderbilt University

Billy Pina : Billy is a Helicopter Search and Rescue Aircrewman/Rescue Swimmer. February 20, 2007, was his 17 year mark of service. Three more to go and he will be retiring! He is based in Austin, but is currently with the “Warlords” of Helicopter Anti Submarine Squadron (Light) 51 out of Atsugi, Japan, and cruising on the USS Blue Ridge for a couple of months. Billy was married for 10 years and had two daughters Stormy Amorette (18) and Ariana Lynn (15). He and his current wife, Lisa (Elizabeth Mercado from SMS and SHS), were married in 2004. They have two sons Nathan (2) and Jaden (3months).

Jeff Pina : Jeff enlisted in the Army in 1989 and served with the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg. Jeff fought hard and had to endure living for a few months in the Saudi desert during the build-up phase. He eventually made Ranger and after the war ended he moved back to Houston. He is married to a great girl and they have two children Lyanna and Chance.

Allison Pohl : Married with a son and living in Houston. Am told her older sister, Heather, actually looks a lot like me!

Mitch Rembert : Married to wife LeeAnn.

Lori Russell : Has stayed involved in the music industry by joining her brother Don Russell and fellow neighbor Todd Petree in a popular local band named Small Craft Advisory. Lori is lead voals and guitar. They have been named one of the best live acts in the city of Houston.

Lori performing at Emo's with her band Small Craft Advisory.

Karisha Schmidt (now Kris Kerr): Is married to Kevin whom she met at Wild West in 1996. They have two sons, Kyle Kody, 5yrs., & Kory Dylan, 17months. Currently living in Katy.

Nicole Shutko : Taught science for a couple of years at Sharpstown Middle School and then went to chiropractic school in Dallas where she currently lives.

Stacie Silver Young : Married and living in Houston where she works for the Houston Chronicle. She has a ten-year old son named Ryan.

Brady Smith : Nationally renowned artist who moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to give acting a try. Recently married Tiffani-Amber Thiessen of Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 fame. Brady has met with much success in LA getting roles on many TV shows including "Shark" and "Women's Murder Club."

Brady and Tiffani on their wedding day.

Karina Soto Romero : Married with a son and living in Katy.

Tish Taylor (Maroulis): Married to Anthony Maroulis and is a dental assistant living in Houston with a their baby.

John Uecker : Graduated from UT Medical Branch in Galveston. Is currently serving a tour in the Middle East as a Lt. Cmdr in the Navy as a General Surgeon, where he has been the subject of much press, including a story on CNN. Following his tour, John plans on opening a practice in Austin.

John (right) serving in the Middle East.

Steve Uecker : Recently moved to back to Austin where he and his wife bought a home. They just left Kentucky where Steve worked at the University of Kentucky.

Jill Walker Paterson : Married and living in Scottdale, AZ. Is very active with the Junior League and ZTA.

Randy Walker : Is living in Dallas and is married with two kids, a four year old girl named Ashlyn and a two year old boy named Austin.

Andrea Wallace : Teacher in Austin, TX.

Carrie Wilhelm Muchaw : Married to Ben and living in Richmond, TX with their 2 boys, Weston, 7yrs. old, and Mason 4 yrs. old. They are expecting no. 3 at the end of Dec. 2007. Carrie is a stay-at-home mom and a yoga instructor. Ben is in sales for Timken.

Alan Wilmoth : Lives in Washington, Missouri just west of St. Louis. Got married in 1996, and has a 5 year old daughter and 11 year old stepson.

Jeff Wilmoth : Jeff is a Business Analyst at St. Johns Mercy Health System in St. Louis Mo. His two daughters Kayla and Kristen are 13 and 11 respectively. Jeff lives with Traci whom he says "has been such a God send to my life. We just bought a house and are bringing our children together."

Jeff and Traci

Holly Witter : Living in Houston.. more info soon!

Monica Perez-Verdia : Still living in Alaska and is now going to nursing school while working for the American Diabetes Association. Enjoying skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and other cool sports and shared a wonderful experience about seeing the Northern Lights. Sister Cici just had her first baby, and her brother and his wife are also expecting.

Rabia Shahenshah : Back in NYC working in the travel industry after completing graduate school in San Francisco.

Greg Wright-Crowe : Is a dentist, practicing in Austin. Just bought a new home and expanded his practice, moving into a new larger facility.

Jose Inesta : working in Guadalajara, Mexico. Still finds time to travel world-wide.

Alex Forth : working as DJ Alex Daniels at Mix 94.7 in Austin, has a serious girlfriend.


Laura Berry Paredes : Living in the Kingwood area with her husband and working for Lyondell. Welcomed their first child, Daniela Belen in 2006.

Mona Nyheim Canales : Is married to Fernando Canales, a fellow coach, and both are coaching in Michigan after a stint in Dallas. They have three sons, Francisco Enrique Canales, Jordan Rafael Canales, and Thor Bjorn, and Mona completed her PhD in Sports Psychology.

Mariah Cade : Works for a large financial services company and spends her spare time with the people in her life she loves. Together, they enjoy the outdoors and traveling.

Mariah and Jet!

Olivia Clark Levinsohn : Olivia is married with two little boys and is now living in Warrenton, VA.

Heather Grady Maher : Married to Jose whom she met through Masters swimming in Houston, currently coaching swimming in North Texas and has two children.

Alex Heyns : Remained in Houston and is a teacher in Galena Park.

Debra Lantz Yarbrough : She and her husband returned to Houston after a stay in Denver. Has a new job in the medical field and is a loving aunt to her sister Cheryl's daughter. Daughter Lillian is now 1. Debra is active in martial arts and is currently preparing for a new belt.

Michelle Smith de Bruin : Married to Dutch Track and Field Olympian Erik and living in Kilkenny, Ireland with their two children. She recently graduated with a law degree from UCD and is studying to be an attorney (barrister in Ireland) at Kings Inn. Has moved on after the 1996 Olympic Games controversy, no longer competes.

Michelle at the 1996 Olympic Games.

Cindy Wolf : Had a super successful final year of swimming at UH and decided to open her own swim school in Houston where she teaches children how to swim!

Kevin Ahearn : Kevin is a Social Studies and Math teacher at the St. John's Episcopal School in Olney, MD. He also works as a promotions assistant for a local radio station and is the Age Group Coach for the Potomac Marlins at the Dunn Loring YWCA.

John Dussliere : Made a move to Mission Viejo, where he coached for the Nadadores. recently moved on to Santa Barbara where he is coaching for the team there.

Leigh Gagnon : Couldn't leave California to return to Maine, so is living in San Jose. Currently working in Human Resources after a coaching stint at Deanza Cupertino Aquatics. She now teaches lessons and does stroke technique work on the side in addition to her newly discovered passion for kickboxing.

Kellee Hearther : Welcomed her first child Katie with Bill in 1998, and her second, Jamie, in 2000. They added a third little girl Jessie in 2003. They are now living in Alexandria, VA, after stints in Washington, Hawaii, and San Diego where Bill worked on the USS Nimitz. Kelle has moved on to fencing and coaching soccer.

Mike McNally : Continues to coach swimming, this time in Mississippi.

Eric Peterson : Living in Ohio where he is coaching the Shaker Heights High School and club team.

Bill Roberts (Billy Boy) : Married with three boys now 5, 2 and 1. After a succesful stint as the Head Swimming Coach at Colgate University, Bill has returned to Navy where he is serving as Head Coach as saw them off to phenomenal year in 2003-2004.

Tom (The Tool) O'Toole : He and Yvonne now have 3 children and live in Georgia. Tom is happily coahcing is eldest child's summer league team.

Kiet Tran : Kiet is now an athletic trainer for a high school in Southern California.

Rice University
Jason Ahuero :
Got married in March 2003 to Alice Watson, a Baylor College of Medicine classmate and fellow Rice alum. They graduated from Baylor in May 2004 and have started their residencies in Orthopaedic Surgery and Internal Medicine respectively at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Deb Bhowmick : In medical school in the DC area studying cancer.

Julie Birch : Served as a bridesmaid in Heather Draper's wedding. She continues to work at Crown Castle doing work in the financial area. Got to spend several months in Australia for her job.

Jim Bridenstine : Back from parts unknown after the War with Iraq and in Afghanistan, where he was a Navy pilot flying the E-2 Hawkeye. He is stationed at Point Mugu in California, and has just bought a house in Oxnard, CA. After a stay on the USS Lincoln, leaving just before Bush's speech on board, he is now home with his parents before visiting Houston.

Liz Corneliuson : Took her senior year abroad in Spain, then returned to Houston for business school at Rice where she was VP Communication of Graduate Women in Business. She is now back in Fresno, California and loving it!

Carrie Covington : Will be attending her first year of law school at CU in Boulder starting in August 2006 where she is interested in doing environmental/water law. Carrie has been teaching history in Crested Butte, Colorado for the past two years. It was there that she met her current boyfriend, Phil, who teaches math and is a musician.

Robin Davidson Teague : Now married to Cory Teague's brother who proposed during a trip to Europe. They are living in Northern California.

Rachel Doyle Del Favero : Married to Nik del Favero... a fellow Rice alum...in 2002. They are living in Decatur, GA and had an adorable little girl in 2005: Ashlea. She is chief resident of internal medicine at Emory - and needless to say, very busy!!

Heather Draper : Heather and her husband, Tony Garcia-Prat, just celebrated their two year anniversary. In August 2006, Heather and Tony moved to Botswana to help children with Pediatric AIDS.

Heather and Tony on their wedding day in Madison.

Jim Drvorstep : Graduated in May 2001 and is working for Credit Suisse First Boston in New York City.

Dave Henry : Living in San Francisco selling medical supplies. Is still together with his girlfriend from Rice.

Lindsay Germano : After Rice she attended SMU Law School. She is now working at a law firm in Dallas.

Jennifer Lushao : Living and working in NYC after a year teaching English in Shanghai.

Kim Maher Correa : Married to Juan and living and working in La Caruna, Spain! Kim is working as a fraud specialist for an accounting firm and Juan is getting his MBA and Masters in Manufacturing at MIT! They'll be back in Boston in September '06 through when Juan graduates in May '07! They are keeping their fingers crossed that they will end up back in Texas!

Meghan Marty : Moved to New York City after she graduated from Rice. Now living in Queens, Meghan really enjoys her job as a counselor where she gets to work with the elderly.

Erin McDonough : Married to a fellow Rice Alum (Roscoe Ahn) in October of 2004 and is currently practicing law in Sacramento, California.

Mychal Murray : In graduate school at A&M working on his masters in Geology. Thinking about swimming masters....

Kirstin Nagle : Living in Orange County and loving life.

Francisco Padua : Living and working in Houston as a real estate agent. Finishing his degree at the University of Houston.

Steve Quance : After finishing his MBA and returning to Houston for a time, Steve got married and he and his wife now live in Austin where he works for UBS Painewebber.

Patrick Quayle : Received and immediately accepted a wonderful job offer to work in Europe for the airline industry.

Kristen Rasmussen : Graduated from Rice and continuing to play water polo.

Jada Sanders Hallmark : Moved back to Houston after attending grad school at Colorado State getting her Masters in health and exercise science. Jada and her husband, Patrick, had a son, Christian, in 2005. Jada is back at Rice as the swim team volunteer assistant coach, and Patrick is coaching Rice baseball!

Christian Selchau-Hansen : In May 2005, Christian got his MBA from Wharton and got married in a span of two weeks. After traveling in Southeast Asia for two months for the summer, Christian and his wife Louise moved to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jason Schlunt : Married longtime girlfriend Chelsea in March 2005 and now live in Santa Cruz, CA.

Susanna Shepherd : Graduated from Rice and returned home to Tennessee.

Dave "Stiggy" Stigant : Living in Northwest Houston, working as a computer programmer, and recently married.

Cory Teague Doubek : Cory and husband, Greg, just purchased their first home in Kapolei, Hawaii (on Oahu). Greg is an Army
officer so they have lived in Colorado for two years, then Germany for five years, and now Hawaii. They have a 16-month old son and another one on the way in April 2007. Cory is planning on taking a couple of years off work to raise the kids. As a side note, Cory's brother is now married to Robin Davidson.

Cory with husband Greg and son Dean in Hawaii.

FCST / QVAC / DADS Club Swimming
Bill Bailey : After coaching at FCST, started his own team called Sienna Plantation Aquatics. Bill is a very proud father to his son Austin with wife Amy. Bill is also an Eagle Scout.

Daphne Colbert, Bill Bailey, Meredith May, Hillary Martinez of SPA.

Maurine Brand Travis: Married to Kevin and living in San Diego, California where she is an attorney. They adore her beloved yellow lab, Payton.

Dawn Brooks Parry : Is living in Keller, TX (Ft Worth Area). She has been married for almost 12 years to Daniel Parry who graduated from Plano senior high in 1986. They have 3 girls (Hannah 8, Rachel 7, and Sarah 4). She is a stay at home Mom and loves it!

John Cox : Just got married and is living in California. He actually dated Janet Evans for over a year while he attended USC. He and his wife, Colleen have a website for family and friends: www.colleenandjohn.com

Ginger LaRaia Pierce : Married with two girls and lives in Austin where she teaches school.

Coak Matthews : Moved to Arkansas after serving as Head Coach of QVAC (which dissolved into FCST. He has coached at Henderson State University ever since (nearly 25 years!). He was a 1995 inductee into the Arkansas Swimming Hall of Fame, and has won 22 conference championships. He was named national diving coach of the year in 1990, national swimming coach of the year in 1994 and conference swimming coach of the year 14 times. Coach Coak and his wife, Mary, are parents of 5-year-old triplets Sallie, Blanton and William.

Coach Coak with his swimmer Emre Celik
after winning the NSISC Championship.

Meredith May : Coaching for SPA after a stint with her own former team FCST. Meredith went to Texas A&M University and also currently teaches Lifetime sports and is webmaster for her school. She has taken up running and tries to get in a couple of miles daily. (see photo with Bill Bailey, above)

Mike McKinney : swim coach at KATY as well as a high school math teacher.

Matt North : Air traffic controller in Colorado Springs, CO and an outstanding daddy, which he will tell you is his favorite part of his life. His hobbies are his kids, working on his house and computer games. Recently converted his garage to a master bedroomand now is planning a huge addition to the house including a 3-car garage.

Mitch North : Living with his two dogs in a house he bought several years ago in Sugar Land, TX. Enjoys working out and going out on the lake in his boat.

Frances Pereira : Living in Austin where she works in computers and has a serious boyfriend.

Lainie Sauer Coco : Layne is a stay at home mom/wife. with 3 daughters. She is enjoying being home and loves to spend time with the kids.

Layne's Girls

Royce Sharp: after briefly attending Lee he headed to the Peddie School and the University of Michigan where he continued swimming and made his Olympic debut at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. He's now getting married in May 2004 at his parent's river house outside of Houston.

Justin O'Sullivan : A biology teacher and swim coach at Clements High School

Andre Smith : Coached at FCST before moving to SPA with Billy Bailey and Meredith May. Still manages to find some time to enjoy the Houston nightlife!

Carolyn Sukup : Living in the Chicago area with husband Fabio. They welcomed their new daughter into the world on Jan 29, 2004- the coldest day in Chicago. They are getting ready for a big move to Milan, Italy.

Jennifer Temple : Living in California where she is in Graduate School and living with her boyfriend who is a well-known writer. Just returned from a fabulous trip to Turkey.

Whitney Thurman : Is a CPA living in Houston.

Jenna Weikerth : Living in Austin with her boyfriend as of 2000.

Kristin White (Janger) (class of 1989): Graduated from the University of Miami and then completed her MBA from George Mason University. Got married to Jay ((her college sweetheart) in 1996, and had her first child, Brian, in 2002. Brian was joined by little sister Megan Ruth on September 6, 2005. They live in Vienna, VA, just outside of Washington, DC where she works as a Marketing Manager for ATS, Inc and is active in the Junior League.

Out and About... where DO I know you from???
Troy Barker : Living in New Jersey, working as a photographer.

Mike Camacho : Living in Austin and still enjoying life to the fullest. Skis and travels regularly, including recent trips to Peru and Bolivia.Here is a picture from his birthday trip to Costa Rica in 2002:

Mike in Costa Rica

Robert Andrade Colvin : Was married in April 2005 in Vegas to Laila Fraint before moving to Dania, Florida. Robert is now working for Kaplan University building interactive classroom for online students. after working in web design. One of his ventures was a website devoted to his cousin Paulo Zulu, a famous Brasilian model and actor.

Daniel Ferreira : Living on an island in the South of Brasil called Florianopolis and running his own environmental company www.greentec.com.br.

Jeff Robertson : Living in Pensacola with his girlfriend Kristen and her daughter.

James Strickland : Married and living in Houston and running his own web design company, Strickland Technology.

Traci Strunk : Living in Deer Park with her four children.

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